Quality Control

QUALITY is the prime word for our company.

WOODGRIP INDIA is engaged in the process of quality control at every stage of the business cycle.
(right from the purchase of input till the finished goods are delivered to the customer)

We follow a policy of ongoing product development, to ensure that all types of Screws are, and always will be, of a high standard.

WOODGRIP INDIA has earned the reputation as a supplier of consistently high quality Screws.

We undertake our production as per the following Standards which ensure the quality of our screws: -

  • IS 6760
  • IS 6739
  • IS 6736
  • Din 97
  • Din 96

And our entire range of screws is manufactured from Lead free coil of BS 2874/86 EQUV.: IS 4170/67

Metallurgical report of lead free coil is as follows:

Material Specification
Standard Specification : BS : 2874/86 CZ109
EQUV. : IS 4170/67 CuZn 40
Copper (CU%) : 59 to 62
Lead (Pb%) :
Tin (Sn%) :
Iron (Fe%) :
Aluminium (Al%) :
Manganese (Mn%) :
Other Elements % : 0.30 Max
Zinc (Zn%) : Remaining
Nickle (Ni%) :
Physical Properties
Tensile Strength Kg/mm2 : 34.5 Min.
Elongation % On 5.65 OA : 25% Min
Fabrication Properties
Cold Work :
Hot Warmed :
Machinability : 55%
Soldering :
Brazing :
Forging : Excellent
Welding : Excellent
Bending Riveting : Excellent

As the largest supplier of brass screws in India and International market our quality and service are certain to please and satisfy our customers.

You are welcome to consult a professional and discover the difference between Woodgrip Brass Wood Screws and other Brass Wood Screws in the market.